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Looking for folks who know of Christmas beetles and/or are Christmas song fans

Started by Dj-Aj, October 17, 2023, 11:33 AM

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I'm writing two nonfiction magazine articles for children (which I may rewrite for popular science outlets aimed at older audiences). One is about Christmas beetles, shiny and tiny beetles found in Australia that appear in the southern summer (here are some pictures, in case you were wondering what they looked like―they're really pretty!). The other article is about a specific Christmas song. I was wondering if anyone here either has had experience dealing with Christmas beetles or is a big fan of Christmas songs, because I would like to ask some specific questions whose answers I can use as quotations in my articles.

Thank you! 


I'd never heard of the Christmas beetle. Cute! But I do know many Christmas songs so feel free to email me.
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I've never heard of Christmas beetles either (East Coast USA). That sounds like a great idea for a Christmas article that may not be overused.
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Thank you, Vijaya! I'll send you an email. And yes, JFriday, I thought the Christmas beetles were a great idea too—few people outside Australia seem to have heard of them.

Thank you again for replying!


Old folks may also remember the Beatles (pop group) Christmas songs, a northern hemisphere delicacy!

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