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2-week-old member and finally introducing myself!

Started by LB, May 06, 2024, 11:20 AM

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Hello everyone, it's a pleasure to meet you all.  I was referred to SCBWI from a friend and I would love to learn more about the YA industry as I'm trying to complete my first YA novel.  It's very exciting but also intimidating as I realize there's just so much to learn. 

My favorite author right now (though not YA) is Lisa Jewell and I've been multitasking with listening to her audiobooks while taking my kids to school or washing the dishes, doing errands, etc.     

I used to love traveling (before kids happened) and learning about different cultures because people are quite fascinating. 

The novel I'm working on is actually something I started almost 15 years ago but never got around to finishing it but I'm on my third draft now.     

Thanks for reading, and see you all around!     


Welcome, GS! And best of luck with your writing!

David Wright


Welcome to this supportive and fun community, GS! I'm glad you found us. It sounds as if you have a lot of motivation to keep writing--and your perseverance after three drafts is great!
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Glad to have you with us, GS! :partytime Best wishes on that novel.

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Hi, GS! Welcome aboard. :sailboat

My best advice is to read lots of YA that's been published in the last five years and to make sure that your word count is appropriate for YA. There's lots of wiggle room, and fantasy and sci fi get a little more space because they have to do so much world building. But if you give an agent a 200,000 word debut novel... :faint
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Welcome. I too am new and have already benefitted!


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