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Started inquiring my first book dummy.

Started by corlette-douglas, January 16, 2024, 01:12 PM

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This month I started inquiring two of my manuscripts to agents and haven't gotten too much feedback from them. 

Some agents have said that the story wasn't a right fit for them while others stated it's not a good fit for

their list.  Does this mean I step back rework my stories or that I need to find the right agent for my book

especially because the feedback seems to be the same every time ?

David Wright

That's a common generic response.

Whether it's not a good fit or that it needs work to make it more sellable is impossible for me to say. What feedback have you received from other PB writers or PB critique groups?

I assume you are the author/illustrator. Are you submitting both?

Debbie Vilardi

This is why querying often feels to impossible. We send our work and get what amounts to know reply. If you have had your work critiqued and everyone feels it's ready, keep submitting. There are works that get rejected ten or more times and then are picked up. Others get rejected everywhere and shelved for ten years and then find a home on resubmission. The industry is subjective and tastes change over time.

If your work hasn't been critiqued, that's you next step. Even if it has, new eyes may help you see what isn't working. But consider it could be the query and not the manuscript.

Good luck.
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Thank you for the help everyone. I wasn't too sure about the replies I was getting if it was that my story was too plan or if it was bad.  Yes I'm trying to go for both illustrator and writer at the moment, I have a illustration portfolio up but over a few month I would like to make some changes to it and improve even more on my drawing skills.  I've done a writing/critique group for one of the stories where the head writer of the class said it was good enough to pass off.  But I'll keep submitting and find another group too look it over.


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