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New Writer From Indiana Looking for Advice

Started by Cela1975, February 04, 2024, 07:24 PM

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I'm working on my first book and looking for advice about anything really, but specifically how to structure the scenes I've written (flashbacks, etc.). Would love to chat with other writers, especially those in Indiana. That regional board hasn't had any new messages since 2018 unfortunately.


David Wright

Hi Kelly

Flashbacks are often not done well. Make sure yours are necessary and not a "I just need the reader to understand why" bit of writing.

Ordering the scenes, especially at the start, is always a challenge. I always love to reference this video about the original Star Wars and the amount they had to cut and rearrange at the start:

Because "In the first five minutes we were hitting everybody with more information than they could handle"


Have you checked to see what is going on in your local region? Here's a link to Indiana's regional webpage. If you haven't previously done so, you might want to email your regional advisor to find out about critique groups and other events near you. The RA email should be on that page.
Rebecca Langston-George

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Welcome, Kelly! :welcome

I'd suggest asking your question on a topical board. For example, here: Or, you could post on a board specific to your genre.

Not all regions choose to have regional boards here, or use them frequently, so your region may be more active than you think. In your profile on the main SCBWI site, there should be a link to your region, or perhaps you can search by region. Again, welcome. :welcome2


:welcome Kelly. I have a couple of short books on structure to recommend: Save the Cat by Blake Snyder; Take Off Your Pants by Libby Hawker.

And here's a thread on favorite craft books:

Something else I recommend is outlining a couple of your favorite books to see how they structured it.

Happy reading and writing!
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Welcome, Kelly--I'm sure you'll find help here on this wonderful board!
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Glad to have you here, Kelly! :partytime  Others have given you some good advice.

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