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What to prepare for when your book is being published?

Started by corlette-douglas, January 16, 2024, 12:52 PM

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  Earlier this year I got great feedback from my baby book submissions and was told that the publisher was happy to publish my work.  :yay   

Even though I'm overly thrilled to have this experience I've only ever illustrated for books I've never written for myself. I'm a little unclear of what happens when pushing my own books?
(The books I've created are baby books)

I hope to keep working with these publishers in the coming future. I adore the character I've created for these baby books but I don't know if baby books need the same push as full 32 pager PB. 

Are school/library tours something I should get ready for?

Should I create stickers or plan out ad space on insta to get more eyes on my baby books?
I don't have a big following on insta or twitter which I know doesn't matter.

Would I need to table a lot more for baby books?

As you can tell I'm a little unsure of what happens next. :sad cry Usually I would consult an agent about this but at the moment I'm looking for new agents to work with at multiple agencies and as of right now a few are passing on my 32 page picture book manuscripts so a agent right now may take some time.

Do anyone have any insight on what happens next? 

Are baby books a little monster of their own or do they go through the same showing off process as any other book?

Thank you for all your help.


I focus on promoting the book around when it is released (before and after), according to publisher's permitted dates (i.e. not too early). School visits, library events (a reading with followup craft activity), bookshop readings and signings, social media posts, interviews on bloggers' sites, etc. For you, you could get in touch with maternity magazines, mothers' groups, etc as well. Radio and TV interviews too if you have connections. Think too about special days on which you could focus DM promotions (eg for me it's world wildlife day, etc). DM promotions - you or publisher can make a gif tile or video to promote book to suit all platforms.
Congratulations and enjoy.
Cheer Up, Blobfish! (Affirm Press, 2024) -


Thank you so much, this information helps a lot.  I'll mark all these pointers down and start preparing when fully done with the book.


I guess I have to look into interviews and blog sites too. :salute

Debbie Vilardi

School visits don't make sense since babies aren't in school. But try to line up readings at story times or even day cares. This is also something you can discuss with the publisher. They sell these kinds of books and will have a better sense of what other authors of theirs have done.
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Ahhhhhhhhhhhh yes that makes a lot of sense thank you. :cupcake


One thing I wish I knew was to promote preorders. You could giveaway stickers or bookmarks with preorders. You could definitely read at preschools, imho. Mom's could be invited to join and a lot of them might have babies.

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You should really talk to and coordinate with your publisher. What do THEY want you to do and NOT do? Many companies' marketing departments send out an email to authors and illustrators as their publishing season approaches, telling them what they can expect and perhaps asking for some information or involvement in particular promotional efforts or availability for events.

Good luck!
Harold Underdown

The Purple Crayon, a children's book editor's site:


Thanks so much, I guess I'm still in the beginning stages of the publishing process so hopefully they'll respond back on how they'd like me to promote these books.


Quote from: corlette-douglas on January 23, 2024, 08:59 AMThanks so much, I guess I'm still in the beginning stages of the publishing process so hopefully they'll respond back on how they'd like me to promote these books.
I'm getting a little concerned about the way you are describing your interactions with this publisher. Usually, an editor acquires your manuscript (and illustrations if you're also an illustrator) and then you receive a contract. After you sign the contract, you get paid your first advance. Usually you would go on to work on the manuscript with the acquiring editor, but perhaps that wasn't necessary since it was a baby book. Time would be needed for illustrations to be created, and then the book could go into production. So it will be some time before marketing and promotion come up. Most of your interactions up to that point will be with your editor (and also, if you're an illustrator, with their art director).

Do you have an editor? An art director? What people are you interacting with at this publisher?
Harold Underdown

The Purple Crayon, a children's book editor's site:


I prepared an activity sheet and designed a whole class, lasting for about 45 min to accommodate requests from libraries and schools.

Also freebies for events.  :love5

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