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Good News! / Re: my TEDx talk: Is It Bullyi...
Last post by Ev - Today at 10:48 AM
Thank you for sharing this, Eileen! You gave an excellent talk with lots of important insights.

I highly recommend Eileen's talk to any of you who haven't yet had a chance to hear it.
Did you know that in 2022 only 2% of 3,451 books surveyed by the Cooperative Children's Book Center were written, illustrated, or compiled by an Indigenous person?

My current doctoral research asks how Native and First Nations authors write about the environment and their thoughts about those techniques' impacts on young readers. There is a strong need to explore underrepresented perceptions of the environment as we head into a shifting climate, and this project places Indigenous authors at the forefront of the research by sharing their thoughts about their own texts.
If you are an Indigenous author, this is an excellent way to promote your writing and share the value of Indigenous knowledge.

Only 10 individuals can participate in the project, but as a thank you for everyone's time and opinions, each person interviewed can choose one of three gifts.
1. The purchase of an additional copy of one of their published works, which I can donate to Bowling Green State University's Jerome Library, gift to a child, give to a children's literature enthusiast, or provide to someone of their choice.
2. A $25 Amazon e-gift card or . . .
3. A $25 donation in their name to a Native or First Nations organization of their choice.

You can check out the project's website here:     

Please feel welcome to pass this information on to anyone you feel might be interested in joining me on this exciting journey!

Have questions? Please feel welcome to post here or to email me at by July 19, 2024 if you are interested in participating or would like to know more.
Thank you for your time and consideration. I hope to hear from you soon!
Education and Services / Re: Successful Strategies for ...
Last post by HaroldU - July 11, 2024, 08:43 AM
A reminder that this is coming up next week. Thanks.
A pitch in a query letter is not a true synopsis. The pitch is intended to entice someone to read the manuscript. It's a hook. The synopsis shows the full plot. Yes, the synopsis contains the end. It shows an agent/editor you have a cohesive story.

My bios are usually the same unless there is something that I think will appeal to the person but doesn't fit the query. Even then, I often revise the query to fit it.

Look for interviews and articles including the agents you're interested in. some of those contain tips on querying the specific person.

Have your critique group review your query package just as they did your manuscripts.

Good luck.
Education and Services / Re: Ventura CA area SCBWI CenC...
Last post by Trine - July 10, 2024, 03:55 PM
 :stars3  :love5
Education and Services / Ventura CA area SCBWI CenCal W...
Last post by RebeccaL-G - July 10, 2024, 02:51 PM
SCBWI CenCal is hosting its annual Writers and Illustrators Day in Camarillo, CA (near Ventura) on Saturday, 9/21/24. Keynote speakers include Simon and Schuster Beach Lane Books editor Andrea Welch, Familius publisher Michele Robbins, Writers House agent Courtney Donovan and Red Fox Literary agent Jennie Kendrick. Author spotlights include Patricia Toht of the Rhyme Doctors, Lynn Becker and Ana Ellickson. The event has lots of opportunities including writing and illustrating contests. Your choice of boxed lunch is included and it's a full day of learning and connecting. Price for SCBWI members is $137 and nonmembers are $147. Reach out to me with any questions at
Hi everyone- I'm ready to submit my manuscript to agents through query tracker, and I'd love to hear any advice people have. Often agents provide the option to input a bio, synopsis, and pitch in addition to the query letter. I have provided a synopsis and bio in my query letter- should I try to write two different bios and synopses so that the text I'm sharing with the agent isn't repetitive? Or does the agent expect that my query letter will repeat the synopsis and bio I share? Thanks for your help.
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