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Critiques, developmental editing, and story coaching - Autumn + Winter 2023

Started by SusanH, September 21, 2023, 01:38 PM

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Hello again, SCBWI kid lit writers!

I'm Susan Hughes, a story coach and editor who has been working with writers of children's books (both experienced and beginners) for years! I'm experienced with critiquing picture books to YA, including fiction, nonfiction, verse novels--and graphic novels too. 

I charge a flat fee rate (1-round or 2-round) with optional phone or zoom follow-up calls. I offer flexible story coaching services, which can mean everything from helping you brainstorm, create an outline, and write your first draft; helping you choose which of your 20 picture book manuscripts to focus on and editing these top three choices; to editing one or more of any type of your manuscripts over a specific or an open time period, to your timeline, and answering your questions or concerns in a timely way.

Several of my clients have successfully obtained picture book contracts with traditional publishers and/or signed with agents.

Please refer to my website for more information at this link-- refer to this link for recent testimonials -- And of course, get in touch for more information!

All the best for fall/winter 2023 and happy writing and revising,

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