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Agents, Markets, & Querying / Re: Nice rejection with writin...
Last post by Ree - Yesterday at 09:53 PM
Query down the road with new projects. Congrats on the personal reply.

Introduce Yourself! / Re: Hello to all!
Last post by Ree - Yesterday at 09:52 PM
Welcome back!

Introduce Yourself! / Hello to all!
Last post by vwirkkala27 - Yesterday at 07:49 PM
Hi Everyone,
I'm a returning member to SCBWI. I was a member a few years back and had to take a break due to health and work commitments. I'm so excited to be back and working toward publishing a children's book or two. I look forward to meeting many of you! Have a wonderful evening!
Vicky :hearts
Congrats on the encouragement, Kelly. And yes to what the others have said--query her with your next project (but don't send this one again).
How encouraging! I would keep that agent in mind for a new, future project.
I created my website on my own, but recently Molly helped me do a huge overhaul. She created some new graphics for me, and spent as much time as I needed to figure out the best customized colors and fonts for my post headers. She also cleaned up my top menu--people have been saying it's much easier to use now. She listened to everything I needed help with and did an amazing job.

I discovered Molly when Becca McMurdie gushed about her work on her author site:
Agents, Markets, & Querying / Re: Nice rejection with writin...
Last post by Vijaya - February 28, 2024, 06:42 PM
:welcome and congratulations on a good rejection. I would def. keep her for a different project. Good luck!
I queried an agent and she got back to me within 2 days with such helpful feedback and kind words, but it was a rejection. I sent a quick thank you, but should I now take her off my list for the future? Or is it okay to query again down the line with a different project or a more workshopped version of the story she rejected?

Thank you for your advice – I'm a newbie!
Donna Farrell designed my website, and she was great to work with! She's also an illustrator.
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