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Welcome to the SCBWI Blueboard! Your Official Welcome Letter

Started by Artemesia, July 12, 2014, 12:38 PM

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Welcome, new members! If you're not a SCBWI member, you should have received a Welcome notice automatically, but just in case you missed it or your spam filter ate it, read it below. If you are a member of SCBWI, you didn't have to register so the system doesn't alert us to send you a letter, but we have one for you anyway: click here (it's a little bit different than the one below)

Dear New Member,

First, welcome to the Blueboards! Your registration has been approved; you can go in and personalize your profile if you'd like to add a picture or signature line--have some fun and show the members of the Boards who you are!!

The Blueboards one of the most supportive, information-packed writing forums on the internet. To keep it a welcoming, safe place for our members, we have a few rules that all members are expected to follow.  Please be sure to read them over here:

Before starting new threads, take a minute to read the description of each board: that will help your posts best reach their intended audience. In addition, some of the Boards in the Blueboard Member News area have extra requirements before members can post there which you should be aware of. A great place to get started is on the Introduce Yourselfboard: feel free to stop by and start a thread introducing yourself. 

If you need help with something Blueboard-related, go here: A moderator or another member will be happy to answer your question.  You can also try using the Search box at the top of the page...chances are, someone else has had a similar question, and you might be able to find that your question has already been answered.

The Blueboards are intended to be a community, not a promotion venue. However, members who have at least 5 qualifying posts (i.e., posts with "content" -- NOT simply congratulatory or hello posts) can begin threads in the Blueboard Member News area. Please note that threads on most of the boards in that section will be periodically deleted, as our main purpose is NOT promotion but rather building a supportive community for all children's writers and illustrators. Businesses are not permitted to promote here except under specific circumstances, and Kickstarter campaign promotion is not allowed and such posts will be deleted without notice. These rules were established, after much consideration, to support the overall community of the board and keep it safe from those who wish to use it simply as a promotional tool. 

A special note to writers seeking illustrators: if you are planning to submit your stories to publishers, be aware that in general traditional publishers prefer to find their own illustrators for manuscripts they accept for publication, and that commissioning illustrations on your own will not help you sell your manuscript. If you are planning on self-publishing your story, you might find this post of use: 

We hope this helps get you started. Again, welcome to the Blueboards, and we encourage you to become an active member of this terrific community.


Verla Kay and the Administrators
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