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I'm exactly new, but...

Started by Ellie, September 21, 2023, 09:04 PM

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...back after a long hiatus. I've published stories and poems in a few kids' magazines, but my two best markets (Pockets and Devozine) are now out of business. I've also written a YA novel and worked on several more, but I got discouraged and bogged down and have never so much as looked for an agent. In the meantime, my kids have grown up and I have made forays back into the workforce. My job at a middle school was recently eliminated, and in addition to looking for work I've started writing a bit again. Since I'm getting back into the mood to actually submit things, I decided to seek out this website, which I haven't visited in years. Nice to see that it's still going! BTW, when I joined years ago I was living in suburban New York, but now I'm way over on the other side of the country, just outside Seattle.


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Welcome back, and best wishes on getting back into the writing groove!  :stars3


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Welcome back, Ellie! Glad you remembered us!
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Glad to have you back on board, Ellie!  :yippee

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