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Hello from Colorful Colorado!

Started by jcnichols, January 22, 2024, 09:43 AM

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Hi there, Caitlin here!

I have been considering joining SCBWI for several years, since I began a PB manuscript 10 years ago. I finally bit the bullet last week, when I realized I'd better have some professional advisors on my side before I unwittingly burn through all my best agent options!

I have a degree in English, a minor in creative writing, and a passion for rodent heroes a la Ralph S. Mouse, Stuart Little, and Despereaux. I've spent years revising my PB manuscript, and I've taken it as far as I possibly can on my own. I'm certain my concept works and my MC is loveable, and I've queried 15 agents. 11 rejections, 4 pending.

I'm not worried about the rejections, however, I *do* want to make sure I'm not shooting myself in the foot and striking out with my best-chance agents if my query letter or manuscript are doing me a disservice. So, here I am, to get to know people and find some third-party know-how!

Other things I'm here to learn about:
—How to pursue multiple projects rather than hinge my hope of being a children's book author on one manuscript
—How to build a "platform"/web presence - I have an old personal blog that I began in my teenage days, but I don't think that's going to fit the bill! (And, tangentially, how you all choose to separate/develop your personal vs professional web presences...)
—What's working in the current PB market
—Whether there are local critique/meetup groups in my area (Fort Collins, CO. I've joined the RMC, but not totally sure how to find in-person groups?)
—Anything I possibly can!

Thanks for bearing with a long introduction. I'm looking forward to getting to know y'all. (Oh, yeah, another fun fact. I'm from the South - newish to the West as of the last few years ;-))


Hi Caitlin,

Glad you're here! You've come to the right place for good info on our industry and craft.

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Quote from: JodyJS on January 22, 2024, 10:29 AMHi Caitlin,

Glad you're here! You've come to the right place for good info on our industry and craft.


Thanks so much, Jody! Love your website, as an aside. I, too, prefer hoodies. haha



Hi, Caitlin! I'm in CO, as well (Golden), and my daughter goes to CSU. This is a very helpful place. :)
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Welcome, Caitlin! Glad you found us. :partytime
You'll probably want to work on getting at least two more picture book manuscripts polished before you sub to any more agents. If they like the first one you sub, they usually expect to see more of your work.


Welcome, Caitlin! It sounds as if you've been making lots of progress towards your goal--and you've got lots of energy! Best wishes on your journey!
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