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Hello from Washington!

Started by AbbyDabi, February 02, 2024, 03:40 PM

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Hi everybody! My name is Abby, I am currently a junior student at Western Washington University majoring in WGSS and minoring in Creative Writing. I am hoping that by joining SCBWI and interacting here, I will be able to connect with people more knowledgeable about writing children's books and gain more understanding about the world of children's lit publishing. Some things about me are that I currently work part time at a thrift store in the books and media department, which is a absolute blast. My favorite animals are ladybug's, deer, snail's, and owls.

 :snoopy  :butterflies  :bunny2
abby B 🐞

Debbie Vilardi


You've come to the right place for learning about the industry. You won't find agents here, but you can learn how to reach out to them when you're ready and you can follow them on social media too.

I used to watch snails climb up the side of the concrete steps at my house growing up. I think all the animals you mentioned are in my yard regularly except hyenas and, of course, Snoopy. (I've never seen an owl, but my neighbor has owl a bat habitats and I've heard an owl.)
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Dear Debbie,

Thank you for letting me know about the agent thing, learning about reaching out is still super important and great, and I'm still super glad to be here!

snails are such amazing little rock-jocks haha. I hope you get to see a owl soon, they are such funny looking wise folk.
abby B 🐞


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Welcome, Abby. If you're new to SCBWI, be sure to find your local region, click the button to follow it, check out their events, and send an email to the Regional Advisor to introduce yourself. That's a great way to find out what's going on and meet other local writers. Here's a link to find your region
Rebecca Langston-George


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:welcome2 Abby! We're glad you found us. Wishing you the best with your school work and also your writing/illustrating.


abby B 🐞


Dear Rebecca,

Thank you for this helpful information! I will definitely be interested in the events of my region and introducing myself to the regional advisor :D
abby B 🐞


abby B 🐞


Thank you Evelyn! I can use all the well wishes I can get lol, school can be hard
abby B 🐞

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Welcome! Your enthusiasm sparkles off the page!
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Sue Ford

SCBWI offers lots of helpful webinars. Check them out.
Sue Ford
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Hi Abby! I hope you have a wonderful time here! Best of luck with your writing!

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