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About asking for book reviews

Started by Verla Kay, January 06, 2014, 09:34 AM

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Verla Kay

Please note that SCBWI's legal department has informed us that there are legal issues with individuals asking for book reviews if any kind of compensation is given or offered in return for a review - even a free copy of a book! It's fine to post a request for people to review a book of yours, but NO requests will be allowed on this message board if ANY kind of compensation is offered in return for the reviews. This includes trading reviews, offering critiques, free books, etc. All review requests with any kind of compensation offered in them MUST (and will be) immediately removed from the board.

If your post has been removed, please rephrase it to remove all offers of compensation and you may then safely repost it.

Thanks for your cooperation.

Verla Kay :verla
Verla Kay

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