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Focused resources for finding an artist for graphic novel

Started by A. S. Templeton, November 21, 2021, 03:02 PM

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A. S. Templeton

It is proving very difficult to find an illustrator for my graphic novel script. The usual artist portfolio sites e.g. behance, globalcomix, and deviantart are seething oceans of thumbnails, with search tools either nonexistent or mostly ineffective at narrowing down searches for candidates. My eyeballs are hanging from their sockets from scrolling through seemingly endless superhero fanart, all-looks-the-same mangastyle, and quite a bit of squicky stuff that borders on NSFW.

I have posted an open query on the KidLitGN FB group and sent out a few queries via behance messaging, but I feel sure that I am missing out on 99.99% of otherwise suitable artist needles in miles-high haystacks of online portfolios.

Anyone have tips on finding kid-friendly illustrators for my GN?
Persist! Craft improves with every draft.


"Penelope and the Humongous Burp"
"Penelope and the Monsters"
"Penelope and the Preposterous Birthday Party"


You could try searching through some hashtags on Instagram and Twitter. Some of these would work: #kidlitcomics, #kidlitcartoonist, #kidlitgn and #kidlitgraphicnovel.

I'll also throw my hat into the ring- I'm an illustrator, and I have several years' experience illustrating and writing a comic for a middle grade audience. You're welcome to take a look at my website, linked in my signature below!


  Good point. I am a GN-style illustrator who prefers something of a more visually *respectful* quality than your typical teen-adult comics, but complex enough to hold the interest of the artist. 
  I don't know how to get found as such.
  If you find a kidlit GN society, let me know! They must be out there, but I have yet to find another GN illustrator on the gallery of this forum.

Debbie Vilardi

Here's another name for you:

Keep searching. They are out there. After all some very famous books are kidlit GNs.
Twitter: @dvilardi1

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