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April & Autism

Started by Meghan Wilson Duff, March 27, 2024, 10:08 AM

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Meghan Wilson Duff

If people need/want to find books with autistic characters (and autistic authors and/or illustrators),  just wanted to share this link. One person runs it, so often I mentioning books to her.

Bitsy Bay, School Star by Kaz Windness
A Day With No Words by Tiffany Hammond and Kate Cosgrove
How Are You, Verity? by me and Taylor Barron
Happy to Be Flappy by Steve Asbell

This isn't an exhaustive list of autistic characters and creators, but they are relatively recent picture books. [My and Taylor's book came out in August so this is our first April with the book out.]


Thanks for sharing! I enjoyed Rebecca Burgess's "Speak Up!" and just picked up "Wiggles, stomps, and squeezes calm my jitters down" - I'll check out the site!


Quick squee for How Are You, Verity? as a parent of an autistic child - for the story and also the Reader's Note at the end. I have been compiling resources for my child (and myself) and I think the Reader's Note will be very useful to us.

Meghan Wilson Duff

Thanks so much for the squee!! It means a lot to me.

I just facilitated an autistic affinity space at a conference for trans and nonbinary (undergrad) students recently, and I asked them at the end if they wanted me to read a book to them. A few of them worked in elementary schools. They all got up and sat in a circle at my feet. It was really fun to read to them because they totally got the book. "You wrote the book?" So I did a little "if anyone is interested in writing and/or illustrating children's books, email me." :)

Debbie Vilardi

I love when the college students get to feel like kids again. So fun! And getting to feel seen in the process is a bonus.
Twitter: @dvilardi1

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