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Chapter Book Critique Group

Started by christina-booker, February 21, 2021, 11:27 AM

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I too would like to join a critique group. If any such group still has space for one more, here's my email address:


Hello  I would like to join a chapter book critique group as well, ideally a UK based one as my book is quite place specific. Very new to this and these Boards particularly but my email is


I am interested in starting a chapter book group for transitional readers (5-8). Please email me.


Hi All,

I'd love to join a chapter book critique group! I am writing one- and would love other eyes on it. And of course to read what others are working on.

Thanks so much!



Hi, I am new. I understand one group is already full. I would like to join any subsequent groups? I have just completed my first manifest which is book 1 in a series. I have a few people reading through for me but mostly friends and family and would really like the input from fellow authors. I would also love to read through other manuscripts in the same field to help other authors and connect..


I'd be interested in joining a Chapter Book Critique group. My email is


Hi, I'm new to SCBWI, and I would love to be a part of this, please. my email address is
Thanks, Rika


I would be interested in a crit group. I have completed my first manuscript. How does this work?


Anyone still looking to join a chapter book critique group?  (books written for 6-9 year olds)

We are looking for 2 more members. We meet via Google Meet on the last Tuesday of the month at 1pm CST.



Are you still looking for more chapter book groupies? I've only just started mine, but would love to join.

Thank you!
lynn  (dot) leitch (at) gmail (dot) com


Hi. I'm just finishing up my third chapter book and would love to join the group if there is still an opening. Thanks!
Dan Bailes


I'm interested. I have a series of three chapter books that need critiqued. I'm a first time author. Any more openings? Or other groups forming out of this? Lmk. Thanks!


Never mind. I'm reconnecting to a critique group I was previously connected to in Vancouver. But if anyone is in the Vancouver area and wants to meet up to discuss their chapter book(s), I'd be up for that.


Hello Everyone,
I am new to this and I see that the last time there was a post it was in May of last year.  I would be very interested in joining a critique group on chapter books if there is room for me in an existing one or if there is a new group forming.  Thank you.
My email is



Hi. I would love to be in a chapter book critique group too. My email is My third chapter book comes out next month and I've just started my fourth. I put out a query in January and haven't heard back so I'm wondering if there is a functioning critique group or not.


Are you  looking for critique partners at this time?



Hi Marsha Sylvester Jose and I have formed a critique group for chapter books.
We have two remaining slots. If anyone is interested, do send a mail at the earliest.
We will be critiquing one manuscript every month. Max word count: 6000 words

We start from Jan 14th,2023. 

Edited on 28.12.22 to add...
One more slot left...


This is a pretty old post but in the spirit of keeping things together I thought I'd reply in this anyway! I've written a manuscript for a chapter book and wonder if anyone in a similar place would want to create a critique group?


I am interested. I'm a new author, shopping my middle grade novel to agents -- William Strong Battles the Sixth Grade. I'd love to get third party critiques and offer any input to others, as well.


I would be interested in working with a group. I have written a MG book but feel it needs some heavy developmental editing. I pantsed the first couple of drafts and know now that some changes need to be made, but I have been feeling overwhelmed by the scope. Are the two of you past this point and looking more for beta readers?


I'd love to join the critique group if there's room! Is there a discord server maybe?? I can make one if no one has yet?
My email is if you have one going!!

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