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Illo project

Started by olmue, December 09, 2022, 06:26 AM

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This may be the only time I get to share good news on this board. So...I'm seizing the moment, lol.

I consider myself mostly a writer. (Lots of unpublished books.) The IRS considers me an editor, as that is what I do for freelance income. But I've been trying  to develop illustration skills over the past several years. A friend (who is a good writer) asked me to do cover art and some light interior line drawings for an upcoming book of his. He's been diagnosed with cancer and wants to collect everything he wants to tell his children into one book. It'll come out sometime in the summer (July?)

You can see the cover in his Facebook banner here:

Paths don't always go the way you think they will, but I also just want to say how much I appreciate everyone on this board. I've learned so much from being here, whether it's about writing or art or the industry/business or about being a decent human. Thank you.


I'm so sorry about your friend. What he is doing is wonderful. And the cover is beautiful.
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Congratulations, Rose, on a job beautifully done! I'm so glad you got to do this project for your friend. He's giving a wonderful gift to his children.  I'm sorry about his cancer.

David Wright

I hope your friend has the time and health he needs to do what he all wants. Beautiful banner.

Mrs. Jones

Beautiful, Rose. I feel the heart you brought to his story.  :love5

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I'm so happy it worked out for both you and your friend, Rose.

Debbie Vilardi

I'm sorry your only good news post on these boards is bittersweet. The cover and project are both beautiful.
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I'm glad you're able to help a friend and I'm excited for you about this opportunity. I've watched your illustrations blossom on Facebook over the years and am cheering for you.  :flowers2
Rebecca Langston-George


Oh Rose, that is so beautiful!!! And what a wonderful project to share life lessons. What a keepsake! Congratulations!!! And I hope this is the first of many. You are so talented. Keep on keeping on with all you do. Your life itself is a work of art--in progress! God bless.
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Mindy Alyse Weiss


Ah, Rose. Congratulations on the illos--and such a touching project. I hope he has many years to appreciate your talents!
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I don't think I ever gave you my congratulations. Your banner is lovely and touching. Just right. I am saddened by your friend's illness, but what a wonderful gift to leave his children. Life paths do take unexpected turns. Best of luck with your illustrating.  :star2


Thanks, everyone! I really hope that my friend has a lot of years left. So far he doesn't have the worst diagnosis, but he doesn't have the best, either, so we'll see. But I hope he can get his book all put together and whether he is with his family or not, I hope he can share all the thoughts he has for them (and anyone else in the same position).

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