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Dare for a Dog is out!

Started by JFriday, October 26, 2023, 08:20 AM

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I am so delighted! My first middle-grade Christian novel, Dare for a Dog, is up on Amazon in paperback and ebook! This started out years ago as a picture book with a simple climb up a tree story and kept getting longer and longer. Then I put it on the back burner while I wrote my Fairy Tale series for teens/adults. Now I'm focusing on MG again and went back to this story. Here is the description on Amazon:

All he really wanted to do was help the dog.

Taking dares was second nature for twelve-year-old Will. But he never thought a dare would lead him into the mess he's in now – a starving dog, a broken arm, a strained friendship. And what was so important in the abandoned town up the mountain? Then he realizes the mystery he's uncovering is much bigger than he thought and could end up very dangerous for both him and the dog he wants to help.

Dare for a Dog is an exciting read for ages 9-12 about a boy, a dog, friendship, and the importance of doing what's right even when it's hard.

And - icing on the cake - my talented son did the cover!

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 :yay Congratulations, JFriday! That's terrific news. And what fun that your son did your cover!  :love5
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:congratulations JFriday!!! Haha, many of my PBs are actually outlines of novels, so it's great to see I'm not alone. The book sounds wonderful. And extra special that your son made the cover.
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You are on a roll, JFriday! Congratulations!  :yourock
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Thank you all. This crew, out of everyone, knows what it's like to see a story in print. Even if it takes a looooong time! :hearts
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 :doggy3 Congratulations! Wishing you great success with it!


My Sister, My Soul
The Plans of Morgiana
Forbidden Key


Wonderful news, JFriday! Sounds like a terrific story and I'm so glad your son got to do the cover. Best wishes to you on sales. :stars3

HANGABOUT, FAR FROM HOME, Orange Blossom Publishing, August 2023.



Thank you, everyone! You are the best!
Joan   :hearts
My Sister, My Soul
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Congratulations, JFriday! Your quick jacket summary is great :)

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