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Just getting started

Started by cjmiller, November 03, 2023, 11:15 AM

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Hi Everyone,

I have an idea for a children's picture book and I talked to someone recently who suggested I join this group to learn more about the process. I've poked through the discussion boards but I am feeling overwhelmed and I think I need a starting place.

Here's my background --- I have loved picture books since I was a child and I collect them. I am a former elementary educator (current psychology professor) and I live in Canada. The book I'd like to write is STEM-related and is about a robot and his friend.

Rather than be a bother to everyone for individual feedback (although I'd love that too), I'm wondering if someone can suggest a way to learn more about publishing in this arena? Because I am new to this work, I feel like I need a primer level introduction. Are there online/virtual classes? Are there virtual PB writer's groups? Is there a book or a website that lays the process out accurately and clearly?

Thanks, Carlin Miller

Debbie Vilardi

Everything you need to know can be found on the following website,, and in SCBWI's The Essential Guide to Children's Publishing, which is in the publications tab on the main site.

Two other steps for starting are to look at other picture books from the last five years with robots to make sure yours is a unique take. (There are a lot of these.) And to keep the art in mind as you write your first draft.

The rest is about learning the craft and the business of publishing. I hope this helps you get started without being too overwhelmed. (We all agree this site is overwhelming because so much good information has landed here.)

Welcome and good luck.
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HANGABOUT, FAR FROM HOME, Orange Blossom Publishing, August 2023.


Welcome, CJ! I would recommend Ann Whitford Paul's "Writing Picture Books" and Josh Funk's tutorial on PBs accessed through his website, Good luck and have fun!
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You've gotten good advice above, so I'll just say :goodluck  (Oh, and I'll also say to remember that the illustrator will carry half of the story, so be sure to leave room for them.)
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